Emmanuelle in Bangkok

Emmanuelle in Bangkok is one of the chapters in the erotic film series-“Emmanuelle”.

The series is based on the French novel “Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman”, which was published in France in 1967.

“Emmanuelle” the movie came out in France in 1974, creating a world-wide sensation with erotic scenes that were never seen before on the big screen.

The film broke many sexual boundaries and became one of the most popular film ever released.
It became so popular it even won its own phrase coin - “To do Emmanuelle”, which meant to have many sensual love-affairs.

"Emmanuelle" had many sequels, both official and non-official, some of which were Italian, American and even Japanese.

The Original French “Emmanuelle”

The original film began with us viewers getting to know Emmanuelle, the young and shy bride of a grey diplomat, who is on her way to Bangkok to meet him after a long time apart.

Bored and lonely, Emmanuelle begins filling her days with sexual experiments which includes many partners, both male and female.

Emmanuelle in Bangkok

The film is a part of an Italian Emmanuelle sequel series, which originated in the film “Black Emanuelle”. It Actually spells the lead-character’s name “Emanuelle” rather than “Emmanuelle” in order to distinguish it from the original French series.

The series was released one year after the original Emmanuelle film, and also gained tremendous amount of fans around the world.

Emanuelle in Bangkok symbolizes an important new collaboration between the director Joe D'Amato and the leading star-actress Laura Gemser, which continues to play Emmanuelle during the rest of the “Black Emanuelle” series.

The erotic scenes throughout the movie are delivered in a highly elegant manner, as only the “Emmanuelle” series can deliver.

In the film, Emmanuelle arrives in Bangkok as a part of her journalist duties, as she is assigned to photograph and interview the royal family.

While there, the royal prince Sanit has attempted to gain the thrown by rebelling the king, but was failed. Emmanuelle is forced to escape from Bangkok and find shelter in Casablanca, in the house of her old boyfriend Roberto.

In Casablanca Emmanuelle meets a beautiful teenage girl who is the daughter of a diplomat. The two begin a highly erotic and graphic affair.

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